Friday, August 6, 2010

Leavin on a jet plane...

Today's the day! I'm leaving for Pennsylvania in a little over an hour. I am both excited and scared to go...I know it's going to be quite the learning experience for me!

What I really want to write about airports.

I love airports. It doesn't matter which airport I'm in, I'm in love. And no, I don't like airports because I'm "emo". Only Darrick Dowdy and Michael Butterworth would understand that and I know neither of them will read this but I felt like that was necessary to establish haha. Anyway...

What is it about these places that I love? I love the smells. There is something about the way an airport smells. The swirling of 173 different colognes and perfumes mixed with floor cleaner, fast food (all outrageously priced I might add), and magazines. I love the people. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world pass through airports everyday going thousands of different places for a million different reasons. I love being surrounded by all these strangers, everyone with their own lives, worries, problems and bad outfits. I like to watch everyone as they walk by me and imagine what their lives are like. Where are they going? What do they do? Where in the world did he find that awful hat? What was that girl thinking when she decided to wear those 5 inch platforms at 5am this morning? I love it! I could sit here all day, drinking my Starbucks coffee as if I always drink coffee and spilling crumbs from my blueberry muffin all over my shirt, my computer and the floor, and just watch people. Speaking of blueberry muffins- muffins make such a mess! They are always crumbling all over the place. I don't know what I was thinking when I bought the dumb thing.

I love airports because nobody knows who I am. I like to think that people wonder about me...the weird girl in the purple pants sitting on the floor in front of the Men's room with muffin crumbs on her shirt and a stone age laptop. Maybe they think I'm important. Maybe they think I'm a nobody. Some of them probably think I'm homeless because it doesn't look like I brushed my hair this morning. I like to pretend that I am important. That I have some crucial destination and the whole world hinges on my arrival there. That somehow, my traveling today is making a difference in people's lives. Sometimes, I even pretend like I'm a princess in disguise...shh don't tell!

I love the feeling of leaving a place I love to go see somewhere new, all the while knowing that in 8 days, 11 days, 23 days I'll be coming back. I'll get to step off the plane into the dry heat, walk across the awful airplane carpet that seems to be a requirement in all airports, get in a car and be HOME.

And I sound like a total cheeseball haha...but I'm just sayin! :)

Sidenote- thing I don't love about airports..having to take off my shoes and walk where everyone else has walked in their bare dirty gross feet. Yuck.

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  1. Oh my gosh! I do the same thing.... wonder what people think when they look at me so sometimes i try to look uber important :) It is so fun to think that you can go somewhere new where nobody knows you and you can say and be anyone.. just for a little bit :).

    Friend... I am so glad you are going out there, you will never regret the time you are going to spend with your grandparents... so sorry it is not under different circumstances. You call me all day everyday all night if you need to chat with anyone.... it can get lonely.. i speak from experience haha.

    Blog everyday! So you can remember your time spent there... so now that my comment is almost as long as your blog i am going to say farwell.