Monday, September 27, 2010


So I was informed that blogs are for updating, thank you Ryan, so I suppose I will update this for the two of you who are dying to know what's been going on! :)

1) Bachelorette weekend was epic. If I could make Disneyland my home I would. I would be Belle and I would always be happy. I don't think I could talk Joe into it though. For the full low-down on our California adventures, my dear friend Katie captured everything perfectly in her blog. I could not have said any of it better myself. If you don't laugh the entire time you read it you don't have a sense of humor.

2) My last day of work as a timber marker was four days ago. I cannot describe how joyful my heart is to be done with that job. Although, I can't complain to much, because I got to spend the entire summer outside walking around in the woods. That's good livin'. But...the people I worked with. Ugh. Moving on...

3) I just applied for my first teaching position! Woohoo! Granted it's as a substitute in Heber, but it's still a teaching job! Living in Heber after Joe and I got married was on the top of my "I'll Never Ever Do This" list, but here we are and here we'll be for a little while so I may as well get some teaching experience out of it! I'm actually really excited about it and hope it will all work out. Sending in my application for my Teaching Certificate and then I should be good to go!

3.24) I suppose I should explain why we're going to live in Heber. Short version: rent in Payson is unreal and plus we're hoping to move in less than six mon
ths so we don't want to sign a lease. So therefore-we are going to live at my parents. Clarification- my parents DON'T live there anymore. They are in Oregon. So it's not like we're gonna be house mates with my folks or anything. That would be a little too weird.

4) My dear
sweet friend Jessie threw a bridal shower for me in Mesa. It was so sweet of her and it was nice to see some long lost friends. Amber's baby spit up on me. That was definitely a high point.

5) Wedd
ing plans are going good! Joe and I will be married 12 days from now...still have lots to do before then, but I think I'll be ready in time! I'm getting nervous, excited, anxious all at once. Hopefully everything goes well! I can't wait to get our life started! I think being a wifey is going to be fun :). Got painting supplies today so I can paint the room we'll be staying in. I just spent half my night putting that blue tape all over things so I could start painting. The blue tape pretty much did me in, so I ate some cereal instead of actually getting started.

6) Joe will be home from Colorado tomorrow! I can't wait!

7) And then of course there's the dogs. I can't NOT write about the
dogs. Cause "we're the three best friends that anyone could have, yes we're the three best friends that anyone could have..." ha...oh the dogs. So I have developed a new enemy to focus all my energy on. Dog Hair. How I hate dog hair. And it covers anything my dogs go near. So that encompasses everything in my life-my car, my bed, my house, my food, my clothes and anything else you can imagine. Gone are the days in which I try to figure out how to booby trap my house to catch anyone trying to break in and I've said goodbye to the hours spent barricading myself in my house and then my room. I no longer walk around armed with a shotgun (well actually I still do sometimes ha) and now walk around with a lint roller and vacuum cleaner. I lint roll everything in sight and five seconds later it's covered in hair again. My free time is not spent is spent battling dog hair. And gosh darn those dogs because I still take one look at their goofy faces and let them right into the house. Dogs shouldn't be allowed to be all cute and goofy with big dumb faces and a floppy ear. Brody and Ramsey are little con artists. They totally play me for whatever they want. It's a good thing Joe's coming home to reestablish some order around here. The hierarchy at my house right now is Ramsey, Brody, then me. There's something wrong with that.

8) There's also something wrong with the fact that I wrote the most about my dogs.